Analyzing ‘Hinge’ Profiles & Tropes

How To Build the Perfect Hinge Profile by
a) Avoiding The Following Tropes and
b) Noting the Common Placements of Said Tropes

An analysis born of:
2020 lockdown boredom,
a flatmate’s phone,
and dozens of unsuspecting profiles

Photos or answers about being outdoorsy and adventurous - gym pics, snowboarding, let’s go skiing, playing football, and so on.

If you write in proper sentence case with punctuation, you’re posh. The data proves it.

So “you tried” is I can see your face or I learned something about you; “meh” is a blurry photo, too dark, a photo of some fireworks that you’re not even in, or a text answer that’s super generic like “we’ll get along if you like food & music.” “Try-hard” is a video blue-steeling into the camera.

For images it’s if they have multiple people in it, for text answers it’s “me” if it just tells a fact about them, or “you” if they ask to know something about you. Or they say “we could do xx together.”

Anytime someone took a photo of them travelling abroad, mid-travelling (like plane photos) or text answers that mentioned wanting to travel the world.

Any mention of super popular tv shows, liking music, saying you like food, or saying you’re looking for someone who has a sense of humour. Super generic ideas.

Mentions or shows drinking in any way. Or smoking, the lines change direction if they’re smoking.

Joke or genuine - if the photo of them is funny or unflattering, showing they have a good sense of humour, and if they took the answers prompts seriously or used them to make a joke (whether or not it was funny).

Lila Meyer