Pratt Institute 2020 [Virtual] Commencement

Every year, the graduating Pratt class honors the one 50 years prior; the 2020 Commencement concept draws directly from the typographic style of the class of 1970’s yearbook and blends it with our current identity. This look was created as an homage to a class who did not hold a commencement due to Vietnam War protests.

In light of recent events, the identity takes on a feeling of solidarity as the Class of 2020 joins 1970 as only the only years in Pratt history who did not participate in a traditional ceremony.


Social media announcements + important info.


Since there was no way to hand out gifts in person, Pratt sent out these mailers that contained our yearbook Prattonia, school publication Prattfolio, graduation cords, commencement program, and other miscellaneous presents.


Due to the commencement being entirely virtual, Instagram was a huge factor. I made animated stickers for people to add to their stories and helped design a filter. 

Lila Meyer